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Azure Sentinel will now be known as 'Microsoft Sentinel'

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Name changes that Microsoft has announced at Ignite 2021.

Azure Sentinel Microsoft Sentinel

Azure Defender and Azure Security Center Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Azure Defender for IoT Microsoft Defender for IoT

Microsoft Cloud App Security Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Microsoft Sentinel Solutions More than 100 solutions in data collection in a new content hub for easy delivery and deployment of data sources.

User Behavior Analytics (UEBA) detection models to identify threats based on behavioral anomalies. These can be customized using new Watchlist templates to provide insights relevant to the organization. In addition, expanded fusion can help identify unknowns and correlate them with existing inputs to create prioritized inputs for rapid investigation.

Using Microsoft Azure Synapse to tap into the limitless power of big data analytics and machine learning models.

Near real-time analytic rules, tuning recommendations and streamlined management/deployment of rules from GitHub and Azure DevOps repositories to improve the efficiency of a security operations center (SOC).

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